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Welcome to a story involving the pursuit of life and livelihood
through meaningful collaboration, friendship and science.

The AVRI Team Meets with the First Lady of Sri Lanka



Welcome to the Doctoral portfolio of Kimberly McWhorter. I hope you enjoy exploring this site and the adventures contained within as much as I relish sharing them. Read more...

About AVRI

AVRI is a United States based nonprofit organization formed to alleviate the suffering caused by snakebite envenomation. Read more...

The AVRI Sri Lanka Antivenom Project

AVRI is working with partners in three different countries and a variety of backgrounds to produce a species specific antivenom for Sri Lanka. Read More...

The Global Burden of Venomous Snakebite

Warning: This page contains graphic images of real snakebite victims to illustrate the magnitude of the problem.


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