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Animal Venom Research International (AVRI) is a Non Profit Public Benefit Corporation of the United States of America, a body corporate and duly established under the California Secretary of State and Section 501 (c) 3 of the Federal Internal Revenue Code. The mission of AVRI is to aid in the development of more effective prevention and treatment protocols for animal envenomation (bites or stings from venomous animals) by mediating between involved parties, educating medical personnel and the public in order to reduce morbidity and mortality around the world.

The technology exists to improve pharmacotherapies, treatment protocols and quality of care, at an affordable cost, within the regions suffering most from animal envenomation. The underserved populations afflicted by animal envenomation are in dire need of external support to champion their cause and AVRI is the organization that can serve as their advocate.

Furthermore, AVRI emphasizes animal conservation principles, with regard for all local laws, to minimize human/animal conflicts and prevent ecological imbalances. Venomous animals, while potentially harmful to humans, are also the victims of fear, myth and misinformation often leading to their being killed unnecessarily. These animals play an important role in the natural environment and need to be preserved. Through education and awareness, AVRI hopes to dispel fears, prevent harmful conflicts and preserve biodiversity.

Learn more about AVRI on our website at: www.usavri.org