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The Sri Lanka antivenom project has entailed bringing together a diverse group of people from all manner of backgrounds, educational levels, ethnicities, religions and more, involving three countries- The United States, Sri Lanka, and Costa Rica.

The AVRI Board:

The AVRI Board of Directors is composed of individuals representing a multitude of different talents, reflecting various age groups, and professions. Members are experienced with construction contracting, public health, clinical toxinology and pharmacology, accounting and more. Along with that, there are cultural and language differences. SOme of our members also live at a great distance. It takes a lot of careful communication, openess and understanding to navigate our relationships. We make the effort to relay infomation to each other as often as possible.

Working with Sri Lankan Communities:

In Sri Lanka it has been of the utmost importance to work with the local communities. Through their acceptance and assistance we were able to set up our serpentarium and collect the snakes.

International Coordination:

The antivenom project has involved coordinating information and resources amongst three different countries. We have to be open and understanding of each others customs and keep communication going in order to be successful. Technology has been imperative in the form of email and Skype calls. Taking the time and expending the resources to meet face to face has been invaliable. The trust our groups have established with one another could not have been solidified any other way.

Merging with the Academic Community:  
Being recognized by the academic community has been important in esablishing our credibility and enabling us to gain valuable insight and make connections.