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The serpentarium was set up to international standards for humane animal husbandry. All the snakes are housed individually in containers with hide boxes.
Tubes are used to safely restrain snakes so they can be examined and treated for medical conditions.
The AVRI serpentarium staff learn how to restrain and treat the snakes.
Recording the weights of the snakes by using a hanging digital scale.
A spectacled cobra rears up in its enclosure.
Soaking Saw-scaled vipers to ensure they are properly hydrated.
Saw-scaled vipers soaking.
Preparing medications and and dosages. Wild caught snakes often carry parasites which can cause illness in captivity.
Palpating the abdomen of a Russell's viper to check for possible pregnancy.
Using a box and plexi glass shield to restrain a cobra for injections.
This Russell's viper had an abscess on the back of its head after someone attempted to kill it with a machete.
The wound had to be cleaned and disinfected.
The wound after cleaning.
The wound looking much better the next day.