Personal Journey

Competencies & Projects



Survey of the land with the contractor before construction.
The ground breaking ceremony with the local Buddhist priest.
Digging the well.
The well is complete.
Ground breaking at the auspicious time for the serpentarium construction to begin.
Construction starts.
The foundation is laid.
The contractor inspects the foundation.
A drainage culvert constructed to prevent flooding on the property.
Pillars are erected and construction on the walls begins.
More work on the pillars and walls.
Construction continues, an angled view of the front.
Construction continues, a view of the front entrance.
Side view of construction showing the staircase that will go to the second story.
The ceiling being prepared. It was reinforced to hold a second story for the future.
The slab being poured for the ceiling.
Support for the pouring of the slab.
Front view of work on the slab.
Roof top view after the slab was poured.
Inside view of the ceiling.
Inside working on the walls and ceiling.
Completed slab and walls before plastering and paint.
The painted serpentarium.
The finished serpentarium. Front entrance.
The finished serpentarium from the front.
The finished serpentarium at an angle.
Inside the finished serpentarium, now filled with snakes!
The grand opening celebration, blessed by the highest Buddhist priest of the region.
Our first venom collected at the serpentarium from the spectacled cobras.